Fanny Fabriana + Zacky // Bohemian Gipsy

The second concept is the Bohemian Gypsy. This is the photoshoot that had been awaited by Zaky, Fanny, and the entire team of Nozze because, the photoshoot took place in Bali. More than that, the beach that we were going to use for the photoshoot had been used for the filming of “Eat, Pray, and Love”

Eventhough we were excited, we did feel a little worried at first because, rain was pouring in the location before we started the photoshoot sessions. Fortunately, not long after the rain poured, there comes the sun and the extreme heat. That time, we all prayed together that the photoshoot session would go well that day and we could start the photoshoot sessions. Thank God our prayer was heard, the heat wasn’t that extreme as before. We prepared all of the best for this, and finally, the photoshoot could be started.

As always, we have 3 photoshoot spots in each of the concepts. On the first spot, the story tells us about Fanny and Zaky’s habbit when they were dating, they loved to spend their dates in cullinary places (restaurants and food stalls). Therefore, we decorated the spot as if they were in a Gypsy themed restaurant with a complete dinning sets. But, don’t get it wrong, on this spot, Nozze team didn’t put the dinning set on the table, but we  redecorated the fences into the table, and we were happy that Fanny and Zaky loved that creative idea.


Not only they liked being in the first spot, but they were also overwhelmed with the decoration we had set in the second spot which was the wedding altar with the touch of Bohemian Gypsy. Why we created a Wedding Altar on the second spot? Because we wanted to tell a symbolic story that Fanny who had been proposed by Zaky, and Zaky who wanted Fanny to be his one and only spouse who would be with him whatever happens.


Lastly, the third spot tells us about Zaky and Fanny who really enjoyed the photo sessions like they were having a holiday photoshoot. Although there was a problem while loading out the properties  due to the beach that was located below the cliff, we won’t take that as an obstruction when we looked at how fun was this Photoshoot in Bali.



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